Step 1.  I have a Great New Product Idea!  What should I do Next?
                                               Step 2.  I should have a Product Evaluation done before I invest in it.

  At Step2Evaluation, we know how important your New Product Idea is to you. 
That's why we Encourage you to Evaluate it before you Invest in it.

We have heard many horror stories about late night TV commercials from invention submission companies.  
They promise to bring your new idea to market, or find you a licensing agreement. They take thousands upon thousands of dollars in up front fees, and based on what we have been told, they over promise, under deliver, 
and push the inventor who believed what they were told, back to Step 1.  

At Step2Evaluation, we have developed an Objective Evaluation Report which is essential in providing you 
the tools to aid in your decision on whether or not your product has what it takes to move forward to the next step. Without spending any large sums of money first.  

Step2, will provide a Preliminary Patent Search, Online Market and Product Research, an Objective Report on your Product's Marketability, Consumer Appeal, Manufacturing, Competition, and provide a listing of any relevant patents and product images and links. Covering a total of 15 Product Assessment Categories.  

We understand that not knowing what to do next with your product idea 
can be very frustrating, so we'll also provide you with Free Mentoring to help guide you anyway we can. 

Why wait?  Get all the above, PLUS Free Invention Mentoring for a one time fee of $229.00

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